«Competent Parents»

A 10-year follow-up study  (2016-2017)

From 2006-2008, the project “Competent Parents – counseling groups for parents of children with disabilities” was conducted. 76 parents were part of the program, split among 9 different counseling groups. Over 40% of the participants were fathers.  The parents described their processes of change through group sessions, and considered the measure as unprecedented and essential in discovering and understanding themselves. This gave them better ability to recognize their own feelings, take good care of themselves and live in accordance with their own values.

We will now invite all of the previous participants back to share their experiences since the original program. Participants will be organized in the same groups as they were previously and some groups will be merged. Participants will describe their situation now and how they have been doing over the years. More specifically, what do they think about the guidance measure when looking back? Is it still important to them? Is it valuable? We will implement the same qualitative and quantitative research methods that were used in the original project for evaluation. We will collect similar information in order to compare the participants’ responses now to previous responses they had during the original program 10 years ago. We will also give participants the opportunity to make new discoveries and become more aware of themselves/their situation through a group construct over two sessions.

We will present the knowledge gained from their assessment of these health promoting processes to both professionals and responsible authorities. A long-term study gives us the opportunity to evaluate these measures over time, although we anticipate some participants may drop out. Norway is a small country however, where it is fairly easy to follow people over time.

Contact information
Karen Therese Sulheim Haugstvedt, Special Advisor, PhD
E-mail: karen.therese.sulheim.haugstvedt@ahus.no
Telephone: +47 67 96 89 50
Address: Norwegian HPH, Akershus University Hospital
Postboks 1000, 1478 Lørenskog, Norway

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