«Equity for Parents»

Counseling groups for parents with minority background who have children with disabilities (2011-2012)

This intervention project was a continuation of the project ”Competent Parents” (2006-2008), which received positive feedback. We wanted to reach parents with minority background in the same way: by providing them opportunities for self-discovery, increased self-awarness and opportunity to live a better life. The project was conducted by the Center for Health Promotion at Akershus University Hospital in collaboration with three districts in Oslo, as well as a municipality located in Akershus.

Stage 1 of the project: to conduct qualitative interviews where we examined parents’ experiences and needs relating to their own role, as well as how well they took care of themselves in their individual situations.

Stage 2: to develop counseling measures for parents.

Stage 3: to test and evaluate the various counseling measures.

Results showed that these parents expressed many of the same experiences and needs as those who participated in «Competent Parents,” but from an even more vulnerable standpoint (being “different”). They described that they had little social support from their family and friends. However, they desired to have contact with other parents in the same situation. They also wanted support by Norwegian health services. The measures in districts and municipalities were relatively untested because of limited local resources, but the parents at the hospital described the same valuable processes of change after counseling groups as the previous parents had.



Contact information
Karen Therese Sulheim Haugstvedt, Special Advisor, PhD
E-mail: karen.therese.sulheim.haugstvedt@ahus.no
Telephone: +47 67 96 89 50
Address: Norwegian HPH, Akershus University Hospital
Postboks 1000, 1478 Lørenskog, Norway

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