The International HPH Network
In 1993, the World Health Organization (WHO) established the Network of Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH). In 2007, it was decided that other health services could also apply for membership. At that time, the international network changed its name to Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services, but retained the acronym “HPH.” During the General Assembly on May 14, 2008, the network’s constitution was approved and signed. The HPH Constitution begins by stating that the network has now reached a stage of independence. The network has become a legal entity and a main partner for collaboration with WHO. To read more about the International HPH Network, we recommend the HPH International Website as well as documents released by the network.

Norwegian HPH
The Norwegian HPH network was established in 1998 with the name “Norwegian Health Promoting Hospitals.” In 2009, the network name was change to the “Norwegian Network for Health Promotion (Norwegian HPH).” In 2012, it was extended to the “Norwegian Network for Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services,” consistent with the international name (while still retaining the abbreviated term, “Norwegian HPH”).