National collaboration within Norway

National Task Forces
A task force is a formalized group where interested members participate with one or more representatives to ensure learning and development within a specific subject area. In practice, it is a forum where professional challenges are discussed and experiences are evaluated or implemented based on a mandate quality assured by the executive committee within Norwegian HPH.

Who can participate?
Participants in groups are often individuals with particular expertise or interest in the subject. They are appointed by the individual member organization that formally represents their employer. Their responsibility is protect the employer’s interest in the project and ensure that experiential learning occurs as a results of project participation. It is important that sufficient time is allocated for this work locally to ensure quality and commitment in implementation.

National task forces

Benefits from national participation
The work methodology, and collaboration across levels, disciplines and member organizations is immensely valuable, and members benefit from each other’s expertise, commitment and experience. Research shows that room for reflection, professional development and sharing experiences is particularly important for service industries and organizations. Therefore, the network is valuable for participants and employers; by showing professional competence, responsibility and involvement in the industry, and willingness to invest in development across disciplines.

How do I join a national specialty group?
Let us know if you are interested in national participation (groups within Norway).