The Supervisory Board meets once a year. One voting representative is present from each of our member organizations. Currently, this representative is also the contact person for each respective member organization. Others also have the opportunity to meet, but have no voting rights. The Supervisory Board approves the annual report, budget, accounts and action plan for the coming year. If there are proposed changes to the network statutes, they shall be adopted by the supervisory board. “Arbeidsutvalget” (AU) follows up on the annual plan adopted by the Supervisory Board and ensures progress. AU reports annually to the Supervisory Board. There are normally five committee meetings per year. Today, AU consists of one representative per member organization. The committee is currently chaired by Jan-Erik Nilsen from Stavanger University Hospital. The Secretariat is strictly administrative body, and supports to AU, the network groups and each member. The Secretariat has no voting rights in the network.