There are five employees serving in different positions within the Norwegian HPH Secretariat. We are located in the Department of Cooperation and Health Promotion at Akershus University Hospital (Ahus). The Secretariat’s main objective is to facilitate the plan of action, contribute to professional development and serve as the link to the International HPH Network. In addition, networking and advocacy work are central.

We work to recruit new members, as well as take part in promoting the network. The Secretariat prepares the annual report, relevant meetings and ensures that the statutes are followed. Furthermore, we are responsible for both reporting and managing financial obligations to the International HPH Network. The national coordinator represents the Network at the International HPH Network’s annual meeting and brings matters to the Supervisory Board and the Executive Committee. The Secretariat is responsible for informational materials, newsletters and the website.

Else Karin Kogstad is the leader of the HPH secretariat.

Ida Rashida Kahn Bukholm is the national coordinator and is responsible for medical training/education.

Kjersti Fløtten is the assistant national coordinator and our international contact person.

Karen Therese Sulheim Haugstvedt is the method developer.

Solveig M. R. Korsmoe is the administrative advisor and is responsible for contact with our members.